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Just a quick note to let the folks in the Bay Area know that I’m having a book signing Friday night at the Oakland Museum from 5pm-9pm.  Many have purchased the book online and asked about getting it “personalized”.  Stop by with the book or simply stop by and say hello.

There will be several food trucks and all sorts of things to do at this weekly event at the museum.  Come join in the festivities.  Have a look at the details.


I’ll be in the Redwood Burl area.  The books will be for sale for $75 (cash or credit card) and the proceeds go to help the Oakland Museum.

If you don’t want to drive, or want to avoid parking and bridge toll fees, take BART and get off at the Lake Merritt station.  The museum is only one block north at:

1000 Oak Street, Oakland.

Here is a map and directions to the museum.


If you can’t make it, the book is available via the publisher Nazraeli Press and will be shipped to you directly.

Bay Bridge Book front cover 600px

2 Responses to Upcoming Book Signing

  1. Ted says:

    Thanks for signing my two copies, Tom.

    The book is sumptuous. Rich with big, colorful, detailed, gorgeous images…. Lots and lots of them.

    What’s really cool is that many of these images can never be captured again.

    It’s like going back in a time capsule, being lifted up in a drone, and being shown all the fine details of how this engineering marvel was slowly, carefully put together from a massive kit of parts (many of which had to be manufactured themselves).

    These images aren’t at all like “looking through a viewfinder”; they’re like being there. And without the cold blowing wind or the vertigo!

    Thanks for all that you had to put up with, Tom, to make both these images & the book that allows us to share part of the experience! :^)

  2. David Rocco says:

    I have been following the “New” Tappan Zee Bridge project closely from the time they started the piling work. Three years later, they now are setting steel girders across the Hudson River. I am toying with the idea about doing a book as well. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here on out if I go this route?
    Congratulations on your book.
    My best,
    David Rocco

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