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Eastern High Sierra

A couple of months ago, during a major heat wave, I traveled through the Sierra Nevada mountains from Sacramento to Reno and drove south on highway 395. The weather at over 4100 feet in Bishop, CA was 90 degrees, unusual … Continue reading

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Parking Structures

Parking structures.  Sounds like a boring subject, doesn’t it. Actually, I’ve been shooting parking structures commercially for years for various clients. I have to make them look like “Palaces for Automobiles”. That can be a challenge. The people who design … Continue reading


Urban New Jersey

A few weeks ago, I went to New Jersey with the primary idea to shoot at night and visit some fellow night shooting friends.  To most people who know NJ, you wouldn’t think that Newark, Bayonne, Harrison or Jersey City … Continue reading


Eastern Sierra Nevada

Over the past year, I’ve been enjoying exploring the Eastern Sierras of California.  The area encompasses south of Reno NV to LA along highway 395 and the environs. This is a part of California that even many Californians have not visited or … Continue reading


Red Rock Canyon

Last month I went to Las Vegas for business.  Since I live in the huge city of Los Angeles and Vegas isn’t my kind of town, I ventured about 17 miles east to the open desert of the Red Rock … Continue reading